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ideal boiler review

ideal boiler review

Review of ideal boilers by Hirst Gas Services

ideal boiler review

Here at Hirst gas services we have installed ideal boilers for over 10 years. so when doing an ideal boiler review we think we know them inside out.

Personally my first encounter with ideal boilers was when i was working for a company who contracted to leeds city council. we were fitting a lot of the Ideal Isar boilers. These boiler have had a lot of bad press over the years as the were notorious for breaking down.

Now i don’t disagree with this but i also think that the Quality of install and servicing over the years by some engineers led to the poor performance of the Isar/Icos.

Skip on several years and the ideal boilers reputation had taken a hit and they wanted to make good there relationship with installers and customers alike. they introduced the ideal logic boiler. a totally new design boiler and in my opinion a million miles from the Isar.

Alot of installers i spoke to were saying they’d never fit another ideal again. but the combination of price and a 7 year warranty (one of the first manufacturers to do one this long) enticed us back to the hull based firm.

Ideal Logic

Onto the ideal boiler review. Since i started installing the Logic boilers i have very little problems. In the early days there were rumours of an heat exchanger problem but fortunately i didn’t encounter it. and more recently i have done a few repairs on the water turbines but nothing to moan about as like with all boilers you do get the odd problem.

Small and compact with a number of flueing options and models up to 35kw make the ideal logic a sound buy when looking to upgrade your combi boiler.

Ideal Vogueideal boiler review

Alongside ideal logic there is the logics bigger brother the vogue which at the time of writing this comes with a whopping 10 year warranty.

This boiler in my opinion is one of the best on the market for the price. i like it that much I’ve even installed one in my own home (see picture half way through the install)

although a slight increase in price the added value of 3 more years warranty and the choice of models up to 40kw i think its worth the extra money



like all boilers the ideal range do have problems but in my experience for the number i have installed i can recommend this boiler confidently to my customers.

we hope you found this ideal boiler review helpful.


If you would  like any more information on ideal boilers or any other manufacturers or you’d like to book a quote please give us a call on 0113 8500510 or email info@hirstgasservices.co.uk




2 comments on “ideal boiler review

Can you recommend a replacement boiler for a10 yr old Ideal istor he 85
It’s a tenanted 10 yr old property with 3 call-out repairs in last 2yrs
The property agent I employ has a report from the boiler engineer who says it needs replacing ?

    Liam Hirst Post author

    Hi terry thanks for your question,

    The thing with the Ideal Istor is it has a store of hot water built into the boiler so replacing this for a normal combi boiler will result in less flow rate at the draw off points. there are a couple of like for like replacements but can be costly and a bit overkill for your system.

    however this isn’t to say replacing it will be a problem.

    We have replaced many of these on a local estate and its usually 1 of 2 options

    option 1

    a large combi boiler.
    a 40kw combi boiler can provide high flow rates and in some occasions can cope with running two showers simultaneously. so depeding on usage this could be an option for you

    option 2

    system boiler and unvented cylinder
    this is the more like for like swap so there is a store of hot water available for the tenant to use. again depending on useage this may be too much for there needs its totally dependent on a site survey to determine how much water is needed

    in my experiance of replacing these i tenanted properties its usaully the large combi option that is taken. due to cost and the customer not actually needing as much hotwater as they think

    if you need any more info please contact us on 0113 8500510

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